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Sending your medical file

To benefit from this service, please fill out carefully the free quote form. Only motivated requests accompanied by photos will be considered and studied by our surgeons.

Three colored photos (front and profile), of the part of your body to be treated, are necessary to help the surgeon make the diagnosis.

We may ask you, depending on the type of intervention desired, to complete your file using the contact form.

Photos and other attachments can also be sent via e-mail to

Notice: All information provided will remain strictly confidential.


Diagnosis and quotation

You will receive, within 48 hours and via e-mail, the surgeon’s diagnosis, his references, and the amount of the estimate. In case the surgeon doesn’t approve of the operation, you will also receive his diagnosis with the reasons of his decision.

Your agreement

After a minimum reflection period of 7 days, you will be able to notify us of your agreement. During this period, we will remain at your disposal for any further information.

Organizing your trip

We will contact you to set the dates of your trip and the date of the intervention depending on your availability and that of the medical team. You will make the reservation and we will confirm the dates.

You will receive:

  • A detailed schedule of your stay
  • Your appointments with the surgeon
  • Your appointment for the intervention
  • We also ask you to perform a preoperative check-up and to fill out the mutual consent that you will give to the surgeon during your first visit.

Arrival at Tunis-Carthage airport


Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by your KAPSA Medical guide, who will answer all your questions, ensure your transfer to the hotel and ensure that you are well settled down. He will also take care of your return flight confirmation.

Preoperative consultation


An appointment is arranged with your surgeon the day after your arrival. The surgeon will check your medical record and explain the procedures of the intervention.

You will give him the preoperative report and the signed mutual consent.
Payment is done the day before the intervention.
Surgical intervention


The intervention will take place the day after your preoperative consultation.

Your guide or assistant will accompany you the day of the operation to the clinic to facilitate the procedure of admission and of reception.

Postoperative follow-up

Your assistant will ensure your return to the hotel and will help you during the postoperative period. She will arrange all necessary care, provided by the surgeon's assistant or by the surgeon himself in the clinic.

A postoperative consultation will be agreed with your surgeon before your return.

The return


KAPSA Medical will ensure your transfer to Tunis Carthage airport.

Back home, we will remain at your disposal to answer all your questions.

Post-operative follow-up


 Immediate follow-up

When you come back, the surgeon keeps in touch with you by telephone, email or videoconference. The operative report should be given to your doctor, your surgeon will be able to collaborate with him to make sure that everything evolves normally.

Results checking


At the end of a period defined by your surgeon, an evaluation check of the first results is necessary by sending photos of the concerned areas by email.

In case of dissatisfaction with results


The subjectivity part is important in case of cosmetic surgery

  • The surgeon accepts the re-intervention after finding a lack of results few months later, all costs( intervention, convalescent stay in a 5 * hotel without the extras) will be borne by the company and its partners (surgeon, clinic)./li>
  • Traveling by plane, however, is your responsibility and if the surgeon has reservations, he can recommend that you simply wait because the result is not final. In case of doubt, your surgeon will ask you for the opinion of a colleague registered as a cosmetic surgeon with National Council of the College of Physicians of your country.
  • This latter will have to provide him with an accurate report of his findings.
  • If the re-intervention is confirmed, all expenses will be borne by the company and its partners (Surgeon and the clinic), however traveling by plane is your responsibility. If the re-intervention is not deemed necessary and there has been no fault, the surgeon may refuse to re-intervene.

We would like to remind you that surgeons are primarily professionals who, from a moral and ethical point of view, always act in the best interest of the patient.

The price includes:

  • The surgeon's fees: act and consultations before and after surgery
  • The fees of the resuscitating anesthetist doctor
  • The costs of the clinic: stay, operating room, pharmaceutical costs, care, prosthesis or sheath
  • Nursing done after leaving the clinic
  • Hotel Transfer / clinic

Rates do not include:

  • The Plane ticket
  • Travel insurance costs
  • Accommodation extras
  • Personal expenses
  • Hotels Stay

These prices are indicative, the final price will be determined after receiving the free pre-consultation form along with photos.

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