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Kapsa Medical


Kapsa Medical is committed, on the basis of strong values clearly displayed, by the following principles :

  • Our mission is human  (The patient comes first)
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Trust

Kapsa Medical is connected to the best hospitals in Europe, Switzerland and USA, gathers a team of professionals, doctors, nurses, caregivers, other health professionals (physiotherapists, kinesiotherapists, etc...), administrative staff and social workers who work to provide the best quality of medical care to our patients.

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Our Commitments

Qualified and recognized specialists

Our teams of practitioners, with international academic qualifications, are specialists in their field and demonstrate a recognized professionalism.

Our clinics

High level of medical and paramedical skills and solid infrastructure could welcome tourists and patients wishing to be treated according to the European, but even the American standards.

Safety and hygiene

Our partner clinics comply with international hygiene legislation, safety and medical process.

Medical diagnosis

We do not give medical advice, only that of specialists is taken into consideration.


Our clinics, doctors and kapsa Medical establish the obligation to respect the confidentiality of the information when disposed.

Doctor follow up

You benefit from a quality follow-up for 12 months, The operative report will have to be given to your doctor, who can thus use it to make sure that everything evolves normally.